3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting System

March 10, 2023
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3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting System


Product Description

The 3D 5-Axis laser machine series is characterized by high precision, high speed, high efficiency, high stability, leading technology in the world, compact structure, simple operation and easy maintenance. The products are widely used in automotive, mould, household appliances, engineering machinery, ships, hardware, medical equipment, fitness equipment and other fields to meet the requirements of various metal workpiece surface cutting and trimming.

Compared with robot 3d cutting, it has fast speed and high precision;

Compared with the traditional CARBON dioxide laser cutting machine, the use cost is low, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient.


Technical Advantages

1.High Cutting Accuracy

2.Perfectly solving the problems of metal surface cutting and trimming.

3.High-speed rotary worktable;

4.High-performance 3D laser processing head;

5.Independently developed online modification software.

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