Laser elements in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

February 18, 2022
Latest company news about Laser elements in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing. During the opening ceremony and the preparations for the Winter Olympics, many places have laser applications. Let’s see which links have laser applications?

1. The Five Rings of Ice and Snow

In the opening ceremony, one of the shocking images was that the "Ice Cube" was "carved" into five rings, 24 laser cutters were projected from a height, and the carving was reversed. The ice hockey player hit the "ball" with a swing, and the "ice cube" gradually shattered, and the huge five rings of ice and snow revealed their true appearance, slowly rising, and the five rings broke out of the ice.


From the Water Cube to the Ice Cube, under the use of 24 "laser knives" surrounding the audience, the crystal clear Olympic rings were carved out.

The 24 laser-engraved ice cubes representing the 24th Winter Olympics mean "engraving history, engraving time". The host cities of the past 23 Winter Olympics appeared one after another, and the final format was "Beijing, China 2022".


2. Winter Olympic torch

The 1268 decorative patterns in the "Feiyang" torch of the Winter Olympics are engraved by laser. The "Feiyang" torch is mainly divided into three parts: the outer streamer, the inner streamer and the hydrogen burning device. It is the first time in the world that the outer shell adopts carbon fiber composite material, and it is manufactured by the country's first and world-leading three-dimensional weaving device. The woven coat is just the soft "skeleton" of the torch, and then special resin is injected into it, and it becomes a solid shell after curing and molding. Then grind, spray, and then use laser engraving to engrave 1268 patterns on the torch body, and finally complete the overall assembly.

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3. Writing on the cloud

On the evening of February 4, 2022, the Shenzhen branch of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics used a laser to write on the cloud and type "five rings" as a gift for the Winter Olympics.

Under the blessing of Appotronics ALPD laser technology, four dazzling laser beams rushed into the sky. For the first time in the world, lasers were used to write the four characters "One World, One Family" on the cloud, and the "Five Rings" logo was printed on the cloud. Winter Olympics cheers.

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4. Snow screen

In the China National Ski Jumping Center known as "Xue Ruyi", there is a high-tech "snow screen", which is a full-color laser projection jointly developed by Hefei Panchromatic Light Display Technology Co., Ltd. and the University of Science and Technology of China. machine.