Laser Welding Machine in Automobile Manufacturing

February 16, 2023
Latest company news about Laser Welding Machine in Automobile Manufacturing

Laser welding machine has become a trend in the production of automobile body. The use of laser welding in automobile manufacturing can not only reduce the weight of the body and improve the assembly accuracy of the body, but also greatly enhance the strength of the body, providing users with higher safety protection while enjoying comfort. Let's take a look at the application of laser welding machine in the field of automobile manufacturing with Xiaobian:

The laser welding machine greatly improves the structural precision of the vehicle body during seamless welding. When the vehicle is running, due to the bumping and squeezing of the ground, each component and structure are subject to different degrees of impact, which requires the overall structure of the vehicle to be highly precise and strong. With the current laser welding technology, its dynamic and static stiffness can be improved by more than 50% compared with other welding processes, reducing the noise and vibration during driving, improving the riding comfort and improving the safety performance of the vehicle.

1. Unequal thickness laser tailor welded blanks: the use of unequal thickness laser tailor welded blanks in vehicle body manufacturing can reduce the weight of the vehicle body, reduce the number of parts, improve the safety and reliability and reduce the production cost;

2. Body welding: online laser welding in the automotive industry is widely used in the assembly and connection of body stamping parts. The main applications include roof cover laser welding, trunk cover laser welding and frame laser welding; Another important application of laser welding for vehicle body is the laser welding of vehicle body structural parts (including door, body side frame and column). The reason for using laser welding is that it can improve the strength of the vehicle body and solve the difficult problem of conventional resistance spot welding in some parts.

3. Welding of gears and transmission parts. In addition, various parts of the gearbox can be welded on this equipment, especially the differential case and drive shaft of the car gearbox, which are often connected and welded with each other after the production of individual parts.

The above is the application of the laser welding machine in the field of automobile manufacturing. The laser welding machine for automobile parts is a laser equipment that uses robot intelligent operation, collimates parallel light through a collimator, and focuses on the workpiece for welding. With a simple universal instrument, flexible transmission non-contact welding can be carried out for the welding precision parts that are difficult to be accessed by large molds, with greater flexibility and operability.