Laser welding machine introduction

February 10, 2023
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What Materials Can Laser Welding Machine Weld?

In the field of partial metal sheet welding, the laser welding machine has become a new type of industrial technology favored by the sales market with the advantages of simple entry, high efficiency and beautiful welding leveling. More and more customers are willing to understand and use the hand-held laser welding machine. What materials can the laser welding machine weld?

1、 Stainless steel

Because of its large linear expansion coefficient, stainless steel is easy to produce thermal deformation in traditional welding. However, the heat affected zone of laser welding is very small, which basically solves this undesirable phenomenon. And because stainless steel has low thermal conductivity, high energy absorption rate and melting efficiency, it is easier to obtain deep penetration narrow welds with good shape and smooth appearance.

2、 Carbon steel

The welding quality depends on the impurity content. With the increase of carbon content, the weld crack and notch sensitivity will also increase. Therefore, medium and high carbon steel and ordinary alloy steel should be preheated before welding to eliminate stress and avoid cracks. In this respect, the cold welding machine is more suitable because it not only has less heat than the laser welding, but also has much lower molten pool temperature.

3、 Aluminum and aluminum alloy

Compared with the first few metal materials, aluminum and aluminum alloys have higher requirements for parameters. However, as long as the welding parameters are appropriate, the weld with the mechanical properties equivalent to the base metal can be obtained.

4、 Copper and copper alloys

Copper has very strong thermal conductivity, and it is easy to produce incomplete penetration and partial incomplete fusion during welding. Usually, the copper material will be heated during welding to assist welding. However, for thin plate copper, the laser is easy to break through the penetration, and the high thermal conductivity of copper has little impact on it.

5、 Welding of different materials

The laser welding machine can weld different materials because of the instantaneous welding of high heat laser beam. Laser welding can be carried out under certain standards (vapor or temperature) among various metal materials such as copper stainless steel, copper aluminum, copper carbon steel, copper copper copper, copper nickel, nickel titanium, copper titanium, titanium molybdenum, etc.