Laser wire stripping machine for sale

May 27, 2022
Latest company news about Laser wire stripping machine for sale

Daul Head Laser wire stripper is a newly developed equipment of Questt Asia Technolodgy Co.,Ltd. It has the characterized in high precision, high velocity, easy operation, stable capacity, modernized design and compact structure, etc.


It is a new application to use laser for wire stripping and cutting. The traditional processing for wire stripping is realized by wire stripping pliers or a knife. As a result that mechanical stripping might cause an extrusion and cutting force to wire core due to jaw contact, and such damage to the wire core. If the jaw does not touch metal wire, the insulation layer cant be cut cleanly. Regarding multi-layer composed of rayon knitted leather insulated wire, mechanical stripping is more difficult to meet the requirements.


Cable stripping process

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  No. Sequence Equipment and Tool Time cost Worker AUTOMATION
1 Arrange the cables Human beings   4-5 We can supply the complete automation production line especially for your request.
2 Jacket strip Twin head CO2 laser striper 0.5s/cable 1
3 Jacket remove Remover 10s/bin 1
4 Shield cutting Four head Fiber laser Striper 20s/3bin 1
5 Shield brush Brush the shield 10s/bin 1
6 Insulation cutting Twin Head CO2 laser striper 15s/3bin 1
7 Insulation remove Remover 5s/bin 1
8 Inner conductor cutting Four head fiber laser 1s/bin 1
9 1-10 repeat      


Striping working processing sequence

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● High-performance PLC controller with complete functions, simple and convenient operation and stable working.
● It is able to perfectly strip various kinds of shield without deforming and hurting insulation; conductors are not damaged while stripping the insulation which ensures a high finished product rate.
● It resolved the problems of manual strippers such as inconvenient control, incompletely stripping when cut superficially and copper-core easily cut off when cut deeply, not able to strip multilayer lines.
● Simple and convenient to operate, Non mechanical contact work will not result in any mechanical extrusion or stress on processed materials. Process quality is thus the highest.
● Precise control of the laser cut position, size, depth, repeating orientation. Minimize the possibility of finished product defects.
● It has rational structure, humanistic design, stable output power, high velocity, high precision, good quality and long life-time.

● Adopted German top class laser diode as the laser source to ensure output power,energy and precision required for micro coaxial wires stripping(no tinning needed)
● Adopted advanced “beam-splitting” technology to ensure the power and homogeneity of the laser beam from the multi-heads for absolutely stripping shields without hurting insulators.

Fine wire's stripping off, ability to process the lines, drop-out lines, cables simultaneously, single wire, twisted pairs, multilayer lines etc.
For example: The interface wire for mobile, computer, notebook PC, vidicon, camera, electronic dictionary and other micro-electronic products.


Model QA-C302H
Laser type CO2 laser
Laser output power 30W
Wavelength 10600nm
Laser power adjustment 0~100%
Stripping speed adjustment 0~200mm/s
Repeating accuracy ±0.03mm
Cooling mode Air cooling
Power supply 220(110)V/50(60)Hz/ 1.5kVA
Machine Size 1140×665×1115 (L×W×H)mm