MAX Releases A New Handheld Laser Welder

January 6, 2023
Latest company news about MAX Releases A New Handheld Laser Welder


Maxphotonics starts from user experience, based on advanced laser technology, innovates product design, removes water tank, and adopts intelligent phase change thermal conduction technology solution. The weight of the whole machine is less than 38kg and the volume is less than 0.1m³. .


The self-developed high-integration handheld welding torch adopts the collimated QCS interface, which greatly reduces the size and weight of the welding torch. It is only 680g. The optical design perfectly matches the QCS output head, with high transmission efficiency and low heat generation. The torch design is ergonomic, comfortable to hold and easy to operate. In addition, the torch has a built-in laser swing function for wide seam welding.


A1SE40 uses a 20μm fiber core diameter, while the current market generally uses 50μm/100μm fiber core diameter. Under the same power, 20μm fiber core diameter has better beam quality, higher energy density, and stronger metal penetration. The welding speed is faster (the same material, the same thickness, and the same process, the welding speed is 4-10 times that of the traditional welding method), and the welding performance is stronger and more stable. The welding effect is good.


A new generation of hand-held laser welding, using 7-inch industrial-grade LED touch screen, intelligent operating system, supporting simple operation mode, easy to learn, simple and fast operation. For novices, welding can be mastered in just 30 minutes of training, saving training and production costs.


Mature and stable laser technology and laser control system, precise laser control and stable beam quality. Compared with the traditional welding method, the new generation of hand-held laser welding, the welding seam is formed and beautiful at one time, and the consistent welding seam can basically avoid the later grinding and polishing, which greatly reduces the time cost of the welder and the enterprise.


The process parameters cover different materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, brass, 1mm~4mm different thickness, tailor welding, inner fillet welding, external welding, splicing welding, stitch welding and other welding processes, users can according to their own needs , Accurate selection of process parameters to achieve high-quality welding.


Hand-held laser welding belongs to Class IV lasers. In order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, all-round safety protection is required. A1SE40 products have obtained the international ISO9001 certification and the CE certification and PDA certification of BACL and SGS companies, which are safe, reliable and trustworthy.

· Protective air pressure detection and safety alarm

· Welding gun button switch

· Laser CNC switch

· LOOP security lock

· Alarm light

· Emergency stop button, laser power switch


The product is highly integrated, maintenance-free, no need to add water, antifreeze, no heat engine, saving time and labor, and the power of the whole machine saves 1 kWh/hour compared to water-cooled laser welding.