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Raycus ABP annular compound cleaning laser

August 12, 2022


Hybrid Laser Cleaning Machine is a newest laser cleaning technology.

We cooperate with the laser source supplier to design and made out a special laser source which combined with Pulsed fiber laser and Continuous fiber laser together in one device. This combination take advantages of both two different laser sources, and can make faster cleaning with lower heat deforming and nicer and more smooth surface after cleaning.

Raycus ABP annular compound cleaning laser adopts annular beam combining technology to shape the output laser into an annular spot, the center is a pulsed spot with high peak power, and the outer ring is a high-power continuous spot. The two spots are independent and do not cover each other. , Compared with the traditional compound cleaning spot with an external optical path combination, the ring-spot compound laser designed by this product can significantly increase the power density of the outer ring of the spot, which can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency. For different cleaning surface materials and colors, a wider range of wavelengths can be selected.



1.Ultra High Power Compounding

2.The two beam spots can be adjusted independently of each other

3.Higher cleaning efficiency

4.Wider wavelength range

5.No need for external optical path design

6.Small volume


Data Sheet:

Model QA-P300-C1500












Cleaning Speed 60 M²/Hour
Scanning Speed 0-7000mm/s
Laser Beam width 10-170mm
Operation Type Manual (Automatic optional)
Machine Dimension 1120*600*1280
Machine Weight 260KGS
Power Consumption < 9KW
Voltage Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ












Processing fiber type IQB
Pulsed width 90-130ns
Fiber core size 100um
Power Consumption 6000W
Frequency 20-50KHz
Laser Power 300W
Fiber cable Length 10M
Beam quality BPP (3~5)mm×mrad
Wavelength 1064±5nm
Mode of operation Pulsed
Cooling system Water cooled
Mould Humidity 10-70%
Work Temperature 10-40
Laser dimension L792xW512xH740mm
Laser Weight 100KGS
Processing fiber type IQB
Laser power adjustment 10~100%
Fiber core size 100/130/300um











Power Consumption 6000W
Frequency 50-5000Hz
Laser Power 1500W
Fiber cable Length 10M
Beam quality BPP (15~19)mm×mrad
Wavelength 1080±5nm
Mode of operation Pulsed/Continuous
Cooling system Water cooled
Mould Humidity 10-70%
Work Temperature 10-40
Laser dimension L792xW512xH740mm
Laser Weight 100KGS



Combined with automatic methods, it can be widely used in rail transit, ships, aerospace and other fields, and can achieve large-scale cleaning of rust layers, aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metal oxide layers.

It can output pulsed light or continuous light alone, or two beams of light can be output at the same time, which are independent of each other and do not affect each other. It has stronger adaptability for different application fields and scenarios, thereby ensuring higher cleaning quality.

In order to find out how to combine the two paths of light in the ABP ring compound cleaning laser to achieve the best effect of cleaning the carbon steel rust layer, a design experiment was designed as shown in the table below.

latest company news about Raycus ABP annular compound cleaning laser

In the case of the same overlap ratio, changing the percentage distribution of the optical power of the two paths of the annular light spot, it is found that the continuous light has high power output, and the rust layer of the carbon steel plate is removed more thoroughly. Residual, and at this moving speed, the longitudinal light spot does not overlap, and continuous light complementation is required. At the same moving speed, the best two-way light combination is the simultaneous output of 50% pulsed light and 100% continuous light.