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1000W 500W 200W JPT IPG Laser Cleaning Machine For Rust Removal

1000W 500W 200W JPT IPG Laser Cleaning Machine For Rust Removal

  • High Light

    IPG Laser Cleaning Machine


    JPT Laser Cleaning Machine


    1000W Laser Rust Removal Machine

  • Laser Power
    20-1000 Watts
  • Application
    Surface Cleaning
  • Laser Source
    Fiber Laser Device
  • Service
    Online And Overseas Services
  • Warranty
    2 Years
  • Material
  • Condition
  • Laser Wavelength
  • Cooling Method
    Water Cooled
  • Fuel
  • Place of Origin
    Wuhan City,China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE FDA
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard Exporting Wooden Box
  • Delivery Time
    19 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1890 sets per year

1000W 500W 200W JPT IPG Laser Cleaning Machine For Rust Removal

1000W 500W 200W Laser Cleaning Machine For Rust Removal JPT IPG
QA-LC200 is a middle power laser cleaning machine which equipped with a 200W Mopa fiber laser source. It has wate coolin system for laser head.

The pulse width can be adjusted , so that it can make precision cleaning, like plastic injection mold ,autombile plastic mould and stainless steel without damage the surface.
There is oxidation and corrosion when metals meet oxygen and water vapor in air. It will greatly damage the metal workpiece and the rust will spread from outside to inside and become worse and worse as time goes on, until the whole workpiece is totally corrupted.

So rust removal is extremely important. Laser rust removal uses not chemical agents or mechanical polishing, so it is faster and safer. It has advantages of higher efficiency, high automation and no subsequent processing work, lower labor intensity and lower cost.

Achieved cleaning without chemical reagent, medium, dusty and water, and the surface cleaning effect is quite good.
Can remove the resin, grease, stains, dirt, embroidered turbidity,coating, paint from the products surface.
Product features:
1. The impact of a short period of time will not cause metal surface heating, 
2. Pollution-free;
3. Expansibility: changeable focus lens, changing focus depth, wider range of laser cleaning beam.
4. No damage to the base material;
5. Different languare to choose from;
6. Laser pulses are very suitable for the removal of organic matter.

7. Phone App controller with time counter
Comparison with traditional cleaning methods:

Comparisons Laser Cleaning Chemical Cleaning Mechanical Grinding Dry ice cleaning
Methods non-contact cleaning contact cleaning Abrasive contact cleaning non-contact cleaning
Harm to base material None Yes Yes None
Efficiency High Low Low Mid.
Consumable Power Chemical Detergent Abrasive paper, grinder, abrasive stone Dry Ice
Washing result Very good, very clear Medium, uneven Medium, uneven Good, uneven
Precision Washing Accuracy controllable. High precision Uncontrollable, low precision. Uncontrollable, medium precision. Uncontrollable, poor precision.
Safety/Environment No pollution Chemical pollution Dust pollution No pollution
Operation Easy to operate, portable or automation optional. Complicated process, higher technical requirement of the operator. Pollution prevention measures required. Need more time & manpower. Pollution prevention measures required. Easy to operate, portable or automatic.
Investment High investment on machine. But no consumable, low maintenance cost Low investment on machine. But expensive consumables Medium investment on machine. High man-power cost. Medium investment on machine. High consumable cost.

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QA-LC200 Laser Cleaning Machine for rust removal.p...
Introduction of Laser Cleaning Technology A.pdf

Model QA-LC50 QA-LC60 QA-LC100 QA-LC200 QA-LC500
Laser source Fiber Fiber Fiber Fiber Fiber
Laser Power 50W 60W 100W 200W 500W
Laser Wavelength 1060nm 1060nm 1060nm 1060nm 1064nm
Pulse frequency 20-100KHz 20-100KHz 20-100KHz 1-2000KHz 2-50kHZ
Cooling Air Air Air  air  Water chiller
Dimension 760*780*790mm 800*450*1000mm 950x880x1200mm
Weight 30Kg 40Kg 40Kg 90Kg 200kgs
Scanner width 10-110mm 10-110mm 10-110mm 10-170mm 10-170mm
Optional Manual/Automation/Customers  
Temperature 5-40 ℃ 5-40 ℃ 5-40 ℃ 5-40 ℃ 5-40℃

Application field:
Space flight and aviation/ships, automobile/machine manufacturing, mould/hardware tool, food processing/chemical industry, rubber and plastic/tyre, electronics/electrical equipment, weaponry, building materials/cultural relic, steel structural parts, rail transit/machine tool, etc.
Removal for rust, oil stain, grease, dirt, resin, mold release, oil paint, coating, weld residue, oxide, production residue etc.
1 Q: What is the warranty of this laser cleaning machine?
A: The warranty is 2 years, but we offer whole life after-sale service. 
2 Q: What is your payment term?
A: T/T, L/C, Westen Union, etc.
3 Q: What is your after-sale service?
A: Engineers can offer oversea services and we can also offer online service.
4 Q: How is the operation of the machine?
A: We offer operation manual and videos, show you how to operate the machine.
We can also send engineers to your factory for training. 

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