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Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser Cleaning Machine with different laser power and work tables

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quality Laser Cleaning Machine Service
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Laser Cleaning Machine

  • 1000W Clean Laser

    quality Laser Cleaning Machine Service

    1000W clean laser machine adopt a 1000W CW laser source.  The cleaning is fast but need to work on thick metal and materials which are not easy burned, like stone, brick, glass etc. Compared with Pulsed fiber laser source, CW laser is much cheaper price. So if you have special and unique laser job, this may be a good choice The fiber calbe length can make it longer up to 20 meters.The laser derusting machine can be customized according to customer requirements. We have sealed bench top,hand held types outlooks to choose from.  Laser power range from 500W to 2000W.

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  • Suitcase laser cleaner

    quality Laser Cleaning Machine Service

    Suitcase Laser cleaner adopt a mopa laser source Range from 50W to 200W. Easy for move and carry to travel on airplane. It is aircooled, laser energy is much stronger than 100W, OK to carry and move for outdoor cleaning jobs. For Agent, you can also take it to travel on airplane for demostration in other places. The laser head has two scanner motor, so the output laser beam shape have different choice, like waves, circles, squares etc. The laser system was connected with Phone bluetooth or handheld controller, very convenient for parameter settings. We also add time counter on App, if for renting, you can see the laser working time and charge by hours. The laser derusting machine can be customized according to customer special demands.

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Laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of industrial surface cleaning laser system. It adopts the advanced laser source, laser optical scanners and control system to meet the requirements of metal surface cleaning process. Our laser cleaning systems range from 20 to 1000 watt of extremely precise laser that effortlessly removes rust, dust, oxides, oil and other contaminations from metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, stone or concrete. And as this cleaning technique leaves the surface beneath untouched and no damaged.


1. Laser cleaning has no grinding, non-contact, no thermal effect and suitable for various materials, etc.

2. Rapid, clean and accurate cleaning, removal of surface coatings, coatings, oxide;

3. No damage to substrate;

4. High cleaning precision, strong control ability

5. Can be used for a long time, low operating costs;

6. The device can realize automatic operation and simple operation;

7. Environmentally friendly, no supplies, no pollution

Application scope:

Metal workpiece laser derusting, degreasing, laser paint removal, laser removal of zinc and film, laser coating removal, widely used in aerospace, mold, microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturing, medical, military etc.

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