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Channel Letter Bending Machine

Channel Letter Bending Machine with different models

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quality Channel Letter Bending Machine Service
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Channel Letter Bending Machine

  • CNC Bending Machine

    quality Channel Letter Bending Machine Service

    CNC bending machine to make channel letter is a multifunctional bending machine for all metal sheet profiles, the machine equip with double bending head and double notching knife for two different materials, one is for aluminum only, one is for steel and iron.

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CNC bending machine for both aluminum and steel, working together with laser cutting and welding machines to make Channel letter signs board with company name and logo on sidewalls.

It is based on precision of transmission machinery structure and retractable alternative bender, using pre-feeding leveling , clamping alternate feeding and silk rod double screw thumb planer opened slot way, controlled by Quess Bending CNC system developed, coinciding with the various kinds of precision cutting of panels, especially fit for letters with small angle and radian , and the procession of complex graphics , which is the best machine for the fabrication of LED channel letters, stainless steel letters, Piercing letters, Epoxy letters.

It is a very popular buniness oppotunity with the explosure of advertising industry, so this is very a good chance to grab this oppotunity and make your business better and better.



Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, iron, galvanized sheetect. See below photo

Industries: advertising industry, such as logos, signs, other advertising productions.

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