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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine with different laser power and work tables

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quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine Service
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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • Fiber Laser Marker

    quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine Service

    Fiber laser marking machine is developed and produced by us with the world newest laser technology.It belongs to the third generation system of laser technology . Adopting fiber laser output the laser ,then using ultra high-speed scanning galvanometer system to marking. The critical component use long lifetime stable device. It has lots of advantages : novel appearance,unique structure,convenient operation,high modulating frequency,fast marking speed,high precision,stable performance .It can widely used in various metal and non-metallic surface to output the permanent mark.

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Laser marking machine can work on all kinds of metal materials and some non-metallic materials,industrial plastic,electroplates,metal-coated

materials, rubbers, ceramics,mobile button,plastic transparent button. Electronic parts,IC,tools,communication products.

Bathing products,tool accessories, glasses and watches,jewelry,button decoration for boxes and bags, cookers,stainless steel products and so on.

Depends on different materials, we will suggest the suitable laser source and power.

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