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Robotic Automation System

Industrial robots with different models and brands

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quality Robotic Automation System Service
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Robotic Automation System

  • MR-5 Robot

    quality Robotic Automation System Service

    MR-5 is a industrial collaboration robot. It is a new robotic arm which is safe to work with humans. You can touch the robot during working. Much safer than other normal robots. This robot is in small size with light weight,which is dedicated to arc welding robot, can realize the stable welding, obtain high precision welding path, shorten the welding cycle, extend the life of the pipe and cable at the same time SA series welding robot can flexible welding operations within the narrow space, can easily choose the ground installation mount inversion

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We offer all kinds of industrial robots with different brands.



1. Stability and improve quality, ensure its homogeneity;

2. Improve productivity, available 24 hours a day continuous production;

3. Improving labor conditions, long-term work in a hazardous environment;

4. Reduce the operation technique requirements;

5. Reduce product modification replacement cycles, reduce investment in appropriate equipment;

6. Realization of welding automation of batch products;

7. Save floor space in factory;

8. Sate to work with hanman during working.



Collaboration robots are ideal for small parts assembly , dispensing , lab automation , medical device assembly , machine tending , material handling , packaging, electronics and many other applications.

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