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Laser Texturing Machine

Laser texturing machine system with different laser power

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quality Laser Texturing Machine Service
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Laser Texturing Machine

  • Laser Texturing System

    quality Laser Texturing Machine Service

    laser texturing machine system include fiber laser, control system and the domestic CNC controller. The fiber laser device is imported with high quality. The laser texturing machine can realize roll roughen during the processing, make the roll surface disordered pits, which can meet a variety demand of surface topography.

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Alternative to conventional shot peening roughen, edm roughen, other laser roughen orderly.

Laser disordered roughen technology for the world first Independent research and development, and has a number of technology patents.
At present, the system have choices based on laser and roughen head number, we have single head and double head according to the requests of customers.



1. The system integration higher, control precision is higher and stability is reliable;
2. The operation is simple and efficient;
3. The equipment operation cost is low;
4. High processing quality, energy saving;
5. Laser roughen processing good uniformity, high repeatability, morphology, no pollution, low energy consumption, low noise

6. Lifetime is more than 100,000 hours without failure.

7. Texturing process can be set according to the requirements set.
8. Roll surface roughness range of 0.5 ~ 15.0μm.

9. Alternative to conventional shot peening roughen, edm roughen, other laser orderly Roughen.


Laser texturing head

The laser texturing device is composed of a large carriage, a small carriage, a focusing mirror and a detecting device. There are 2 sets of laser processing heads on the texturing head, 2 sets of manual focus adjustment devices, and each focus axis is equipped with a nitrogen side blowing device.

1 Large pallets Designed with a dedicated CNC roll texturing machine.

2 Small carriages Set on the large carriage, the transverse AC servomotors are driven laterally by two pairs of anti-backlash gears and transverse ball screws.

3 Focusing mirror and detecting device are all installed on the small carriage. The detection device is driven by the AC servo motor through the ball screw for linear motion.

4 Feed box: Designed with special CNC roll texturing machine.


Small pit surfaces of the laser Texturing steel sheets are not connected to each other, which is advantageous to oil and capture metal debris with stamping, prevent punching, to ensure the surface of the stamped parts, while reducing the amount of stamping oil. Deep punching performance is more excellent compared to processing techniques such as electric fire.





Areas of application:
Steel, aluminum, titanium plate, etc.

Typical application:
Cold roller roughen processing, meet the temper mill, light machine, rolling mill, rolling mill roll after roughen the demand of various kinds of work roll.

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