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Portable 100W MOPA Laser Rust Removal Machine

Portable 100W MOPA Laser Rust Removal Machine

  • High Light

    MOPA Laser Rust Removal Machine


    100W Laser Rust Removal Machine


    AC 220V portable laser descaling machine

  • Laser Power
    20-100 W
  • Beam Width
  • Laser Source
    Fiber Laser
  • Service
    Online And Overseas Service
  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Material
    Metal / Coil, Rust Oxide / Painting Coating
  • Contition
  • Place of Origin
    Wuhan, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO CE
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard Exporting Wooden Cases
  • Delivery Time
    3-16 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    3888 sets per year

Portable 100W MOPA Laser Rust Removal Machine

Portable Laser Rust Removal Machine For Cleaning Outside, Handheld Gun
QA-LC100B is a backpack type laser clean rust removal machine, which adopt a 100W Mopa fiber laser source.
Backpack laser rust removal machine is specailly designed to clean such rust outside.
It is free to wrok outside and in air, like on bridge, buliding walls, tower etc.Easy to carry and operation, free to move anywhere you like.
For some outside cleaning job, it is not easy to carry a big machine with the operator. So backpack laser cleaning machine is the best choice.
There is oxidation and corrosion when metals meet oxygen and water vapor in air. It will greatly damage the metal workpiece and the rust will spread from outside to inside and become worse and worse as time goes on, until the whole workpiece is totally corrupted. So rust removal is extremely important. Laser rust removal uses not chemical agents or mechanical polishing, so it is faster and safer. It has advantages of higher efficiency, high automation and no subsequent processing work, lower labor intensity and lower cost.
This new design laser rust removal machine has a hand held gun, a manual trigger to start marking,like the gun trigger for shotting. If you need, you can also fix the gun head up to a working table.
This equipment can also remove oil coating, painting coating, oxide coating and glue of old items which need to renew.
Product features:
1. Rapid, clean, accurate cleaning, removal of surface coatings and contaminant;
2. Laser pulses are adjustable;
3. Can be used for a long time, low operation cost;
4. Automatic operation of equipment;
5. Expansibility;
6. No damage to the base materials;.

7. Easy to operate,
8. Convenient to work in air on platform


Laser sourceFiberFiberFiber
Laser Power330W50W100W
Fiber cable length2 meters2 meters2.5 meters
Laser Wavelength1064nm1064nm1064nm
Pulse Energy0.6 mJ1 mJ1.5 mJ
Pulse frequency30-60KHz1-2000KHz1-2000KHz
Scanning speed0-7000mm/s0-7000mm/s0-7000mm/s
CoolingAir coolingAir coolingAir cooling
Dimension300*160*450 mm300*160*450 mm500*180*450 mm
Beam width10-70mm10-70mm10-100mm
Temperature5-40 ℃5-40 ℃5-40 ℃
VoltageSingle Phase 220V, 50/60HZSingle Phase AC 220V,2.5ASingle Phase AC 220V 4.5A

Portable 100W MOPA Laser Rust Removal Machine 0
Application scope:
Metal workpiece laser derusting, degreasing, laser paint removal, laser removal of zinc and film, laser coating removal,
widely used in aerospace, mold, microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturing, medical, military etc
Comparison with Traditional Clean Methods:

ComparisonLaser CleaningChemical CleaningMechanical GrindingDry ice cleaning
Washing Methodnon-contact cleaningcontact cleaningAbrasive contact cleaningnon-contact cleaning
Harm to base materialNoneYesYesNone
Washing EfficiencyHighLowLowMid.
ConsumablePowerChemical DetergentAbrasive paper, grinder, abrasive stoneDry Ice
Washing resultVery good, very clearMedium, unevenMedium, unevenGood, uneven
Precision WashingAccuracy controllable. High precisionUncontrollable, low precision.Uncontrollable, medium precision.Uncontrollable, poor precision.
Safety/EnvironmentNo pollutionChemical pollutionDust pollutionNo pollution
OperationEasy to operate, portable or automation optional.Complicated process, higher technical requirement of the operator. Pollution prevention measures required.Need more time & manpower. Pollution prevention measures required.Easy to operate, portable or automatic.
InvestmentHigh investment on machine. But no consumable, low maintenance costLow investment on machine. But expensive consumablesMedium investment on machine. High man-power cost.Medium investment on machine. High consumable cost.

1 Q: What is the warranty of the laser rust removal machine?
A: 2 years` warranty and whole life after-sale service.
2 Q: What is your payment term?
A: T/T, L/C, Westen Union, etc.
3 Q: What is your after-sale service?
A: Engineers can offer oversea services and we can also offer online service for little problems, using online chatting tools like Whatsapp to talk with customers directly for all questions .
4 Q: How is the quality of the machine?
A: Germany high technoloy with good quality.
5 Q: How is the operation of the machine?
A: We can also send engineers to your factory for training. Or you can send worker to gain training in our factory directly.
We offer operation manual and videos, show you how to operate the machine.
Portable 100W MOPA Laser Rust Removal Machine 1