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Fast Welding Metal Soldering Machine , 0.1 - 3Mm Laser Beam Welding Machine 1070 Nm

Fast Welding Metal Soldering Machine , 0.1 - 3Mm Laser Beam Welding Machine 1070 Nm

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    0.1-3 Mm
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Fast Welding Metal Soldering Machine , 0.1 - 3Mm Laser Beam Welding Machine 1070 Nm

NG: YAG laser german welding machines 300W CE certificate High technology


Signage-300 German welding machines adopts Germany high technology , equip with golden laser cavity, diamond rod and high quality Xenon lamps. 

It is a YAG laser soldering machine system for channel letters welding. The laser output power can reach 300W, the stell channel letters will be very steady after welding together. And can use very long time outside on the walls.

The principle based on laser high heat energy and focus point of welding technology, effectively handle all small parts of welding, makes up for the traditional argon arc welding technology in repair welding of fine surface.





1Red light fast welding point, the CCD observation more intuitive

2. Welding speed is 6 times more than conventional argon arc welding

3. Independent research and development of the most stable laser power supply, heat affected zone is small, small thermal deformation of the workpiece

4. Can traditional soldering or welding argon arc welding was unable to complete the complicated words, super fine print and special-shaped logo

5. Processing and no noise, no pollution to the environment

6. Ultrafine locating rod, also do not need to adjust the position of light spot on the corner font

7. The laser cavity can be adjusted up and down around so as to adapt to different size and the height of the fonts and logo welding.



Laser Beam Welding Machine.pdf


Model Signage-300
Laser working substance Nd3+:YAG crystal gilded resonance cavity
Rated power 300W
Max. single-pulse energy 100J
Max. peak power 10KW
Laser wave length 1064nm
Focused facula diameter ф0.10-3.0mm Adjustable
Pulse width 0.2-20msadjustable
Pulse frequency 1-30HZ Adjustable
Pulse depth ≤6mm
Working table scale 750*1000mm
3-axis itinerary X=700mmY=150mmZ=200mm
Controlling system Single-chip micro processor
Observing system Color CCD
Cooling system Water chiller 
Packing Size



Gross weight 320KG



Prospect of laser technology in Ads industry


With the booming of global advertising industry, metal letters has been more and more popular because of its colorfulness, attractiveness, heating-proof, frozen-proof, no deformation, no fadedness , corrosion proof, rainproof, and spontaneous combustion proof and some other good features.


Fixing by rivets sounds good, but not good-looking. Soldering is never a green way of fixing metal letters because of the poisoning gas produced when processing. From any aspect, laser welding is the best solution and the greenest.





No: Item Description Quantity Origin Remark
1 YAG Cavity Golden 1 set UK Morgan
2 Thermostatic water cooling machine Hanli, China 1 set Shenzhen

less noise and

low power consumption

3 Optical lens Wavelength 1 set Singapore focal length 150mm
4 Laser power QAPLASER 1 set Wuhan  
5 CCD Observation system 1 set Shenzhen Standard configuration
6 YAG bar BOET 1 set Beijing  






Used for making a variety of stainless steel letter, LED luminous characters, LOGO, signs and other fast welding.


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Fast Welding Metal Soldering Machine , 0.1 - 3Mm Laser Beam Welding Machine 1070 Nm 0


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Fast Welding Metal Soldering Machine , 0.1 - 3Mm Laser Beam Welding Machine 1070 Nm 1