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CP Control S5 Robotic Automation System 6 Axis For Picking Up / Transporting

CP Control S5 Robotic Automation System 6 Axis For Picking Up / Transporting

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CP Control S5 Robotic Automation System 6 Axis For Picking Up / Transporting

EPSON S5 robotic automation system 6 axis for picking up and transporting




Enhanced Basic Motion Performance
EPSON smart motion control for Six-axis robots provides enhanced performance for the Pro-Six including "fast and precise positioning" and "accurate continuous path (CP) control". The Pro-Six provides high productivity and stable product quality.

Accurate CP control
The ProSix advanced CP control makes the best use of the Six-axis robots DOF(degree of freedom).
Useful for coating, etc.

Rigid arm to improve accuracy of CP control.


New Unique SlimLine Design




The enhanced new slim body and compact wrist design of the S5 allows for greater motion range and less mechanical restrictions. Designed for maximum performance , S5 robots have a good combination of high quality components for light weight arms and high rigidity . Furthermore, user bolt patterns have been added on each axis , for easy mounting of peripheral equipment. S5 robots are the compact footprint champion and the most flexible 6 axis robots available in the market today.


Compact Wrist Design


The unique compact wrist pitch axis design enables S5 robots to easily reach into confined and restricted work spaces from many angles with smooth motion. The increased motion range of the pitch axis allows superior flexibility for the end of arm tool to accomplish extremely complex applications.




Industry Leading Cycle Rates


C4 robots are up to 43.9% faster than similar sized competitor models. With the ability to maximize part throughput for even the most demanding cycle time requirements C3 robots lead the industry with best in class cycle rates . This means more parts per minute and higher profits.


Best in Class Motion Range




The unique new SlimLine Design of the C4 allows for increased motion range. The slim body and compact wrist provide maximum work envelope usage with an extremely compact footprint.


Cleanroom/ESD Compliant Models Available


C3 robots are available in Class 10 Cleanroom (ISO 3) configurations and are always ESD compliant . This makes the EPSON C4 ideal for those sensitive applications where electrostatic discharge can create defective parts such as in the electronics industry.


EPSON C4 Specifications


Configuration Articulated 6 Axis
Mounting Configurations Table Top,Ceiling,Anglesd
Wall(J1 motion restriction +/-30 deg)
Payload Rated 1kg/Max. 5kg
Repeatability +/-0.02mm
Axis Rotation J1(Turning) +/-170 deg
J2(Lower Arm) -160~+65deg
J3 (Upper Arm) -51~+225deg
J4 (Wrist Roll) +/-200deg
J5 (Wrist Bend) +/-135deg
J6 (Wrist Twist) +/-360deg
Horizontal Reach to mounting face 665mm
To wrist center 600mm
Vertical Reach To mounting face 885mm
To wrist center 820mm
Speed J1 450deg/sec
J2 450 deg/sec
J3 514 deg/sec
J4 553 deg/sec
J5 553 deg/sec
J6 720 deg/sec
Cycle Time 1kg workload 0.37sec
Allowable Moment J4 4.41N*m
J5 4.41 N*m
J6 2.94 N*m
Moment of Inertia J4 0.15kg*m2
J5 0.15 kg*m2
J6 0.1 kg*m2
Motor Ratings Axis 1 400 watts
Axis 2 400 watts
Axis3 150 watts
Axis4 50 watts
Axis5 50 watts
Axis6 50 watts
Environment Temperature 5~40deg C
Humidity 20~80% RH(no condensation)

Keep away from:

Flammable/corrosive gases

Flammable/corrosive Solvents

Water or oil and powder dust

Sources of electric noise

Weight 38 kg
User Lines 9(D_sub) electric, 4 Pneumatic
Brakes J2,J3,J5 Axis(J1,J4,J6 axis option)
Safety Regulations ANSI/RIA:R15.06-1999,CE
JIS B 8433
Optional Arm Configurations Clean and ESD ISO 3(Class 10) Clean &ESD
Available Controller

Micro PowerDrive RC180

PC Based Controller RC620




EPSON PS5 robots are ideal for small parts assembly , dispensing , lab automation , medical device assembly , machine tending , material handling , packaging, electronics and many other applications.

Case 1

Alignment and packaging of parts running on a conveyor

Case 2

Sorting three types of parts running on a conveyor and packing them in pallets

Case 3

High-speed packing in boxes of cookies running on a conveyor



Used in factory

CP Control S5 Robotic Automation System 6 Axis For Picking Up / Transporting 4


Robot overlook

CP Control S5 Robotic Automation System 6 Axis For Picking Up / Transporting 5



1 Q: What is the warranty of the robot?

A: The warranty is 2 years, but we offer whole life after-sale service. Online service is OK.

2 Q: What is your payment term?

A: T/T, L/C, Westen Union, etc. Any payment term you prefer.

3 Q: What is your after-sale service?

A: Engineers can offer oversea services and we can also offer online service, using online chatting tools like Whatsapp to talk with customers directly.

4 Q: How is the quality of the machine?

A: High quality. Price is reasonable.