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4KW Fiber Transmit Laser Cladding Equipment

4KW Fiber Transmit Laser Cladding Equipment

  • High Light

    Laser Cladding Equipment


    Automatic Welding Machine


    Fiber Transmit Laser Cladding Equipment

  • Laser
    Fiber Transmitting
  • Laser Power
    4 KW
  • Application
    Cladding Quenching
  • Cooling
    Water Cooling System
  • Automation
    With Robotic Arm
  • Table
    Rotate Working Table
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  • Certification
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden boxes
  • Delivery Time
    30-56 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, L/C
  • Supply Ability
    520 sets each year

4KW Fiber Transmit Laser Cladding Equipment

4KW Fiber transmit Laser Cladding Machine System for Roller motor shaft quenching




DCAM Germany produced a laser dedicated CAM software, the CAM software for the cladding, heat treatment, welding and other ancillary items. To achieve 3-axis / 5-axis CNC laser process simulation, six-axis robot simulation.


Semiconductor lasers using imported German LASERLINE company LDF4000-60 type laser .LASERLINE laser by the optical module, semiconductor modules, power modules, water cooling module and control components. External work by an optical fiber connected to the optical head. Typical efficiency is ≥35%.


LASERLINE laser fiber-coupled semiconductor laser leader, its products are known for stable and reliable.

Laser beam mode is suitable for surface hardening process of multi-mode laser. Time band division road beamswitch two, with two 600 micron core diameter fiber connection 3D printing and laser cladding bald head.


Typical applications


automotive mold, mining machinery, coal machinery, petrochemical machinery, generator sets, rolling mill machinery and other large mechanical parts.




Item Parameter
Laser Diode
Output power range 2-6kW
Power Stability ±2%
Electro-optical conversion rate ≥40%
Laser wavelength 980nm±10nm
Wavelength output CW
Input voltage 380V 3phase five-wire @50Hz



HGSF-2A type binoculars powder feeder is by quantitative powder feeding tray carrier gas transports the powder powder feeder. Powder Feeding height repeatability of ± 2%, capable of delivering a variety of particle size to meet the domestic generic cladding alloy powder. Powder feed tray speed setting range 0-100g, powder feed rate is continuously adjustable.



Fiber Interface LLK  
Collimator distance 100 mm
Focus Distance 300 mm
Wavelength 940-1080 nm
Max rate 97 %
Gas (proof) curtain Yes  
Powder feeding nozzle COAX 8 IWS
Powder sending type Concentric annular  
Powder sending Motivation Gas Carry  
Cooling system Water cooling  
Particle size 20-90 Um
Powder sending speed 2-50 g/min
Powder sendin 1-2.5 mm
Work distance 13-25mm  





No Name Model Quantity remark
1 Laser Device LDF4000-60 1  
3 Laser Head   1  
4 Powder Sending system   1  
5 Rotary worktable   1  
6 Positioner device   1  
7 Robot KR60-3 1  
8 Main Controller   1  
9 Robot controller   1  
10 Soot absorption system   1  




4KW Fiber Transmit Laser Cladding Equipment


Machine outlook

4KW Fiber Transmit Laser Cladding Equipment