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100W Portable Gun Laser Cleaning Machine Painting Rust Oil Laser Machine For Rust Removal

100W Portable Gun Laser Cleaning Machine Painting Rust Oil Laser Machine For Rust Removal

  • High Light

    laser rust removal equipment


    laser rust and paint remover

  • Laser Source
    Fiber Laser
  • Laser Power
  • Wave Length
  • Sevices
    Offer Overseas Service
  • Certificates
    CE ISO
  • Warranty
    2 Year
  • Laser Head
    Hand Held Gun
  • Fiber Cable
    <6 Meter
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO CE etc
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard Exporting Wooden Boxes
  • Delivery Time
    15 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    2290 sets per year

100W Portable Gun Laser Cleaning Machine Painting Rust Oil Laser Machine For Rust Removal

Rust remover machine laser 100W portable gun cleaning Painting Rust Oil
QA-LC100 Rust remover machine laser has equipped with a special 100W fiber laser device, which is specially design for cleaning thechnology.
The cooling system is water cooling, we also add a dust connector, in order to work in a clean envirenment.The laser cleaning head is a hand held one, like a gun, these is a trigger on the gun, to start and stop the cleaning freely.
The fiber calbe length for 100W can be max 6 meters, we also can change and make it longer, up to 100 meters for 1000W.The laser derusting machine can be customized according to customer special demands.
For the machine outlook, we have sealed bench top, hand held type, moving case type and backpact type to choose. For laser power, we also have 30W,50W,70W,100W 200W 500W to choose from.
Laser absorption rate for metal

Based on the metal surface cleaning customized laser, according to the laser absorption rate of different wavelength of materias, the prior art selection of 1064 nm solid-state lasers or fiber lasers, metal absorption rate of up to 30%, with special mode spot, both can effectively clean rusty, and also protect Base metal with no damage.

Considering the stability of laser, the use of cost and integration methods and other factors, the latest technology using wavelength of 1064nm fiber laser is better than solid lasers, Maxphotoncis 100W pulse laser cleaning source, is the best configuration for hand-held laser cleaning.
laser absorption rate.jpg

1. Laser cleaning has no contact
2. Rapid, clean and accurate cleaning
3. No damage to substrate
4. High cleaning precision,
Comparison with Traditional Clean Methods:

ComparisonLaser CleaningChemical CleaningMechanical GrindingDry ice cleaning
Washing Methodnon-contact cleaningcontact cleaningAbrasive contact cleaningnon-contact cleaning
Harm to base materialNoneYesYesNone
Washing EfficiencyHighLowLowMid.
ConsumablePowerChemical DetergentAbrasive paper, grinder, abrasive stoneDry Ice
Washing resultVery good, very clearMedium, unevenMedium, unevenGood, uneven
Precision WashingAccuracy controllable. High precisionUncontrollable, low precision.Uncontrollable, medium precision.Uncontrollable, poor precision.
Safety/EnvironmentNo pollutionChemical pollutionDust pollutionNo pollution
OperationEasy to operate, portable or automation optional.Complicated process, higher technical requirement of the operator. Pollution prevention measures required.Need more time & manpower. Pollution prevention measures required.Easy to operate, portable or automatic.
InvestmentHigh investment on machine. But no consumable, low maintenance costLow investment on machine. But expensive consumablesMedium investment on machine. High man-power cost.Medium investment on machine. High consumable cost.

Laser Cleaning Machine Detailed Introduction.pdf

Laser sourceFiberFiberFiberFiberFiber
Laser Power50W70W100W200W1000W
Laser Wavelength1060nm1060nm1060nm1060nm1064nm
Pulse frequency20-100KHz20-100KHz20-100KHz20-100KHz20-500kHZ
CoolingAirAirAirWater chillerWater chiller
Scanner width10-60mm10-60mm10-60mm10-60mm10-150mm
Temperature5-40 ℃5-40 ℃5-40 ℃5-40 ℃5-40℃

Application scope:
All industries, all the old and durty items which need to be cleaned and re-painting.
Components combination, welding surface pretreatment, metal surface stripping (all surface paint or designated parts off paint) and a variety of industrial products or molds cleaning

Rust removal:
High energy pulsed laser focusing on the surface of object to simulate plasma, continuous irradiation of high-energy plasma instantaneous formation and expansion, resulting in a series of tiny explosions, formating plasma blasting, finally achieve the relativel smooth corrosive layer of boject surface to physical blasting burst, and move through the high speed laser spot to form a plume that will clean the debris to complete the cleaning. Mainly used in metal rust.


Machine details:
100W Portable Gun Laser Cleaning Machine Painting Rust Oil Laser Machine For Rust Removal 1
1 Q: What is the warranty of the cleaning machine?
A: The warranty is 2 years, whole life after-sale service. Online service is OK.
 2 Q: What is your payment term?
A: T/T, L/C, Westen Union, etc. Any payment term.
3 Q: How is your after-sale service?
A: Engineers can offer oversea services and we can also offer online service, using online chatting tools like Whatsapp to talk with customers directly. Efficient and convenient.
4 Q: How is the quality of the machine?
A: Best quality. Price is reasonable.
5 Q: How is the operation of the machine?
A: We offer operation manual and videos, show you how to operate the machine.
We can also send engineers to your factory for training.