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1000W Laser Cleaning Machine Handheld Gun

1000W Laser Cleaning Machine Handheld Gun

  • High Light

    laser rust removal equipment


    laser rust and paint remover

  • Laser Device
    IPG Pulsed Fiber Source
  • Laser Power
    1000 Watts
  • Laser Wavelength
    1064 Nm
  • Sevices
    Wholelife Aftersale Service
  • Certificates
    CE FDA
  • Warranty
    24 Months
  • Scanning Width
    10-150 Mm
  • Fiber Cable Length
    10 Meters
  • Work Speed
    60 M2/hour
  • Key Words
    Laser Cleaning Machine Rust Removal
  • Place of Origin
    Wuhan, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    188000$-245000$/set with IPG laser source
  • Packaging Details
    Standard Exporting Wooden Case
  • Delivery Time
    60 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal
  • Supply Ability
    1880 sets per year

1000W Laser Cleaning Machine Handheld Gun

1000W Laser Cleaning Machine Handheld Gun



The design of each configuration has continuous and stable performance, so there is little maintenance. Easy to install, manipulate and automate. Plug in the socket, open the equipment, can be chemical reagent, no medium, no dust, no water cleaning


QA-LC1000 laser cleaning machine 1000W is a high laser power equipment for heavy rust and thick coating. Like 1mm thickness plastic or painting coating. The cleaning speed is very fast, can almost clean any coatings.

Laser cleaning Machine is a new generation of surface cleaning of High-tech products. Easy to install, manipulate and automate. Simple operation, access to power, open equipment, you can carry out chemical reagents

Equipped with water cooling System, add a dust connector to keep the workroom clean.The laser cleaning head can be fix or designed as a hand held one. 

The fiber calbe length can be max 50 meters.The laser derusting machine can be customized according to customer needs.

1000W Laser Cleaning Machine Handheld Gun 0




1. Phone App Controller with Bluetooth

2. Quick investment recovery;

3. No sandblasting sand grains or chemical agents;

4. No erection time for equipment use;

5. No noise;

6. Few maintenance requirements.



QA-LC1000 Laser Cleaning Machine for rust removal....

Introduction Laser Cleaning Machine Detailed.pdf


Model QA-LC50 QA-LC60 QA-LC100 QA-LC200 QA-LC1000
Laser source Fiber Fiber Fiber Fiber Fiber
Laser Power 50W 60W 100W 200W 1000W
Laser Wavelength 1060nm 1060nm 1060nm 1060nm 1064nm
Pulse frequency 20-100KHz 20-100KHz 20-100KHz 20-100KHz 20-500kHZ
Cooling Air Air Air  air  Water chiller
Dimension 760*780*790mm 800*450*1000mm 900x800x1300mm
Weight30 Kg 40Kg 40Kg 90Kg 300kgs
Scanner width 10-110mm 10-110mm 10-110mm 10-170mm 10-170mm
Optional Manual/Automation/Customers  
Temperature 5-40 ℃ 5-40 ℃ 5-40 ℃ 5-40 ℃ 5-40℃


1000W Laser Cleaning Machine Handheld Gun 1

Application scope:


The whole surface or the designated part of the paint off, the welding department to remove paint inspection, the removal of oxides, oil, grease and production residues;

Die Cleaning, welding surface pretreatment, metal surface roughness, natural rock cleaning, metal and glass surface coating removal, the whole surface off paint;




1 Q: What is the warranty of 1000W high power?

A: The warranty is 24 months. Offer wholelife aftersales service.

2 Q: What is your payment terms?

A:  Any payment terms is acceptable.

3 Q: What is the service of your company?

A: Engineers can offer oversea services and online service.

4 Q: How is the operations?

A: We offer operation manual and videos, show you how to operate the machine.

We can also send engineers to your factory for training.The operation is easy to learn.

5 Q: What is the brand of laser?

A: IPG laser.


1000W Laser Cleaning Machine Handheld Gun 2