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Automobile sensor film laser trimming microfiber towel

Automobile sensor film laser trimming microfiber towel

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    Laser Trimming
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    1 Year And Permanent Service
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    2000 sets each year

Automobile sensor film laser trimming microfiber towel


   Automobile sensor film laser trimming microfiber towel


The laser resistance trimming machine is specially developed and produced for the thick film circuit and thin film circuit industry. Source trimming (resistance adjustment) and active trimming (circuit function adjustment) are mainly used for high-precision trimming of thin-film, thick-film, hybrid integrated circuits and various electronic modules, involving the following industries:


The laser resistance trimming machines produced by our company are independently developed from the core measurement control system, software system, etc., and have all independent intellectual property rights, which can provide customers with comprehensive laser resistance trimming application solutions.

Equipment model and performance

LT7 series laser resistance trimming machine is a high-end configuration type laser resistance trimming machine

LT7 series products adopt advanced special laser for laser resistance trimming.

High precision of resistance adjustment

Fast resistance adjustment

Strong function

High reliability and stability

Low operating and maintenance costs

High efficiency, low energy consumption and cost saving


The laser electro-optical conversion efficiency reaches 25%, and the average daily power consumption is less than 10 degrees, which is 1/10 of the traditional flash lamp pumped solid-state laser. Long-term use can save users a lot of energy expenditure, reduce carbon emissions, long service life, high performance Stable and maintenance-free, reducing downtime.


Laser trimmer solution

The principle of laser resistance trimming is to use a very fine laser beam to hit the thick and thin film resistors, and realize the cutting of thick and thin film circuits by vaporizing the resistor body. The laser beam cuts the thick and thin film resistors according to the program predetermined by the computer, and changes the resistance value of the resistors by changing the geometric shapes of the thick and thin film resistors. As the laser cutting process progresses, the real-time measurement circuit monitors the changes in the resistance values of the thick and thin film resistors in real time, and the resistance values of the thick and thin film resistors are constantly approaching the target resistance value. That is, the laser resistance trimming process is realized.

When the thick film resistor is used in the electronic module, the function modification of the electronic module can be realized by adjusting the resistance change so that the output signal of the electronic module also changes.Automobile sensor film laser trimming microfiber towel 0


Laser resistance trimming changes the conductive cross-sectional area and conductive length of the resistor body, and can trim the resistor body below the target resistance value to the required accuracy range.


Main configuration of a single device

serial No . Part Name Brand Specifications
1 End-Pumped Fiber-Coupled Solid-State Lasers 5W@10K
2 Optical system RONASMITH
3 custom imaging lens RONASMITH
4 Image recognition system Belgium:EURESYS
5 Scanning mirror SCANLAB-¢10mm
6 step-and-repeat system HIWIN Linear Motor 300*300
7 power supply MEANWELL
8 CCD coaxial monitoring Wuhan Questt
9 Measurement control system Wuhan Questt
10 Dedicated software system Wuhan Questt
11 Industrial control computer ADLINK
12 work platform Granite for Micro-processing
13 Dust purification device Shanghai
14 Negative pressure adsorption system SMC
15 Probe Soldering Station Wuhan Questt

Technical parameter

1.Laser system

  • lLaser wavelength: 1064nm
  • lAverage laser power: 6W@10KHZ (TEM00)
  • lTypical spot size: 30-40µm
  • lFocus mode: computer program control

2.Laser beam positioning system

  • lLaser scanning range: 60mm X 60mm
  • lRepeat positioning accuracy: 2.5µm
  • lLaser beam motion resolution: 1µm
  • lMaximum scanning speed: 7000mm/s
  • lPositioning method: programmable positioning or image recognition automatic positioning

3. Image surveillance system

  • lMonitoring method: laser coaxial monitoring
  • lProprietary technology: achromatic technology, laser and imaging overlap within the format
  • lMonitoring field of view: 4-6mm (diagonal)
  • lLighting source: LED lighting

4. measuring system

  • lResistance measurement method: add current to measure voltage

Four-wire system, two-wire system computer program control

  • lResistance measurement mode: three-speed mode setting, programmable control
  • lResistance measurement range: 0.1Ω-100MΩ (16bit resolution)
  • lResistance measurement accuracy:

0.1Ω< Rx < 100Ω ±0.02% + 0.5% / Rx

100Ω< Rx < 100KΩ ±0.02%

100KΩ< Rx < 100MΩ ±0.02% + 0.05% * Rx

  • l Resistance measurement speed: 25µs
  • lDC voltage resolution: 0.16µV (under 10mV full scale condition)
  • lProbe board: 48PIN, any definition, compatible with ESI imported equipment
  • lProbe board movement: computer program control
  • lVoltage measurement range: ±100mV~ ±10V 16bit resolution (other ranges are optional)

5. Computers and Software Systems

  • lSoftware programmable, can flexibly realize automatic operation, meet resistance adjustment and circuit function adjustment
  • lDatabase function, all resistance adjustment data can be written to the database for storage, with good traceability
  • lThe resistance can be controlled by manual single-chip control, and it can also be automatically adjusted by continuous matrix (continuous chip processing)
  • lAccurate resistance adjustment can be performed by setting the laser dot resistance adjustment method
  • lAccording to the difference of the initial resistance value, different resistance adjustment parameters can be selected to perform resistance adjustment

6. Step-and-repeat mechanical motion system

  • lMovement mode: linear motor motion system
  • lMotion range: 300mm*300mm
  • lMaximum ceramic substrate size: 150mm*150mm
  • lMotion resolution: 1µm
  • lRepeat accuracy: ±1µm
  • lPositioning accuracy: ±10µm
  • lMaximum speed: 1000mm/s (no load)
  • lMotion acceleration: 1.5G

7. Other technical indicators

  • lCooling method: air cooling
  • lPower supply voltage: 220V AC Air pressure: <0.4MPa Power consumption of the whole machine: 2500WAutomobile sensor film laser trimming microfiber towel 1



1. Q: Can you provide overseas services?

A: Engineers who can serve overseas.

2. Q: How to use the machine?

A: Before sending the packaging machine to you, we will install it and test it, and then pack the whole device in a wooden box, so you do n’t need to install it again,

3. Q: Test packaging Before shipment?

A: we will surely 100% of the experimental test machine will be normal without problems.

4. Q: What is the warranty period?

A: One year warranty for the whole machine.

5. Q: What is the payment term?

A: Accept L / C or TT.

6. Q: What is the delivery time?

A: 15-20 days after receiving the deposit. Contact: 7 * 24 hours online service If you need to pack other materials / products or have any questions about the packaging machine, please feel free to email me or call us.