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Laser Trimming Machine

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Laser Trimming Machine

  • Mask Making Machine

    quality Laser Trimming Machine Service

    QA-KZJF is mainly used for automatic forming of flat face mask: the whole roll of cloth is driven by the roller after unwinding, and the cloth is automatically folded and wrapped; the nose beam is pulled and uncoiled by the whole roll, cut at a fixed length and then imported into the wrapped cloth, and the two sides are welded to the seal through ultrasonic welding, and then sealed laterally by ultrasonic, and then cut and formed by the cutter; the mask is transported to the two ear belts of the mask through the assembly line for welding In the working position, the final mask is formed by ultrasonic welding; when the mask is made, it is transported to the flat belt line through the assembly line for collection.

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Equipment Overview:

QA-KZJ95S is a semi-automation fold mask production line (typical models such as N95 masks). The equipment is loaded in a full roll. Multi-layer non-woven fabric rolls are subjected to compound roll welding. The nose line is unwound and cut after welding. After being rolled and cut to length, it is welded, and then the body is folded in half. After ultrasonic welding and fusion, the final mask is rolled and formed.

The main composition of the equipment structure

1. The equipment is equipped with Max6 sets of cloth unwinding and a roll diameter of Max600mm;

2. The fabric unwinding adopts the active unwinding method, and automatically unwinds according to the position of the tension roller;

3. Nose bar welding module: including the functions of nose bar unwinding, nose bar leveling, fixed length conveying, cutting and welding;

4. Fabric compound roll welding unit: adopts ultrasonic welding head and steel mold welding method, roller parallelism and position are accurately adjusted during welding, and the welding system has cooling function;

5. The material driving unit adopts a servo motor to control the main driving roller to drive the cloth, running smoothly, and the pressure is precisely adjustable;

6. Folding forming unit: adopt adjustable triangle plate with adjustable height and angle to ensure that the mask is neutrally folded in half.

7. Forming welding unit: ultrasonic welding is used, the welding is firm, the pattern is clear, the pressure of the welding system is adjustable, the welding system has a cooling device, and the technical parameters of the ultrasonic welding system are adjustable;

8. Forming and cutting unit: rolling cutter wheel: knife pad wheel. Adjustable pressure, material: high-speed steel.

9. Waste separation unit, the waste automatically falls into the frame;

10. Control system: The equipment includes PLC control system and touch screen operating system.

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